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The STEM way is a learning and education blog for kids with STEM(Science,Technology,Engineering,Math) Lessons, Experiments, Worksheets and Quizzes for children.

The STEM Way

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Do you know why you get dizzy?


How much do you know about living things?


Do you know what language a computer uses?


Do you know how mirrors work?


How well do you know Camels?


Do you know how a refrigerator works?


Take the quiz on how Rockets fly?


Test your knowledge on TASTING!


Test your knowledge on how the internet works!


Test your knowledge on the Internet.


How are Cartoons made?


Test your knowledge on a Digital camera


Test your knowledge on the Butterfly life cycle!

What do know about batteries?


Do you know the planets in our solar system?

Test your knowledge on penguins!


Do you know how the water comes to your house?

Test your understanding of 3D shapes

See if you know these facts about space!

Test your knowledge on position and direction


Do you know why we have day and night?


How are bridges built ?

Before and After Numbers(1-10)

How does a light bulb work?


Greater than or less than?



Take this Quiz on density!

Do you know why leaves change color in Autumn?

What do fish eat?

Do you know how it rains?