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Worksheet: Use words that indicate position.

ACTIVITY: Fill in the blanks using words that indicate position. (“in,” “out,” “next to,” “over,” “under,” “between”,”on”) Ages: 4-5

Worksheet: Write numbers – Before, After and In Between

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 4-5 ACTIVITY: 3 page worksheet to practice writing numbers – Before, after and in between.  Develops number sequence, fine motor skills, counting skills, Writing skill    

Worksheet: Color with the code

ACTIVITY: Follow the code to color the picture Ages: 4-5

Worksheet: Count, trace and write!

ACTIVITY: Count the dots and trace the numbers. Then try to write the numbers on your own. Ages: 3-4

Worksheet: Match the object to it’s correct shape.

ACTIVITY: Match the object to it’s correct shape. Ages: 3-4