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Tag: math for kids

Worksheet: Count the corners

ACTIVITY: Count the corners and write the number in the space provided. Ages: 3-4

Worksheet: Draw one more!

  FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 4-5 ACTIVITY: Count the objects and draw one more to make both sets equal. .Develops counting and fine motor skills    

Worksheet: First steps of Addition

As your child learns to add, one of the best ways to practice addition is by adding ones and twos. Download a fun train worksheet to practice adding ones and twos.   FREE WORKSHEET Activity: A 3 page worksheet to Read more…

Worksheet: Count and match( life cycle of a butterfly)

FREE DOWNLOAD A Fun life cycle of a butterfly worksheet to count the objects and match them to the correct number.(1 to 5) Ages: 3-5

Worksheet: Adding numbers in a pipe!

FREE WORKSHEET Adding the numbers in the pipe and write the answer that comes from the tap! Ages: 5-6