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Worksheet: Bubbles solutions experiment

ACTIVITY:  Make different proportions of Bubble solutions with plain water, detergent, Glycerin, Sugar and lemon. Try to blow bubbles and check how many seconds the bubbles last. Record your observations ! Learn more about bubbles here Ages: 4-6

Worksheet:Cookie tray counting(1-5)

  FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 4-5 ACTIVITY: Cut the Cookies out and Count the chocolate chip cookies. Glue the cookies to the tray according to the numbers on the tray.    

Worksheet: What is empty?

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 3-4 ACTIVITY: Can you circle the object that is EMPTY?        

Worksheet: Count and Match buttons on a shirt

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 4-5 ACTIVITY: Count the buttons on the shirt and match it to the correct number.        

Internet Part 2: How does the Internet work?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! As we learnt in Internet Part 1: What is the internet? The Internet is a big collection of computers connected to one another. All these computers talk to each other and send information to Read more…

Life cycle of a butterfly

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Have you seen butterflies fluttering around in the summer? Pretty and colorful, so beautiful to watch. Lets learn a little about the life cycle of a butterfly. STEP 1: EGG A butterfly lays a Read more…

How do penguins stay warm?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Did you know penguins are just like people with a normal body temperature of about 100 degrees F. Emperor penguins are one kind of penguins that stay in extremely cold conditions where temperatures go Read more…

How does water come to our homes?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Water ! Fun refreshing and cool. We use it for almost everything we do. Washing our clothes, washing our hands, drinking, in the bathroom, to cook and of course to play too 🙂 What Read more…

How are bridges built on rivers?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Why do we build a bridge ? A bridge is  built to cross  an obstacle, that a car or a person cannot pass easily. Have you ever built a bridge? Maybe a pretend bridge Read more…