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How does a Refrigerator work?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! We use refrigerators to  keep our food cool .When food is kept cool, bacteria cannot attack and spoil the food. How do these refrigerators work? Lets understand the principle behind the working of the Read more…

Worksheet : Rocket Addition

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 5-6 ACTIVITY: A 2-page rocket addition worksheet! A Rocket has equal and opposite force in both directions. Can you fill the correct number in the space to make both sides of the equation equal.    

How do Rockets fly?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Have you ever been in an airplane ? Airplanes help us travel far distances on the earth. Rockets, on the other hand can take us to space ! How do these rockets fly so high? First we Read more…

How does water come to our homes?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Water ! Fun refreshing and cool. We use it for almost everything we do. Washing our clothes, washing our hands, drinking, in the bathroom, to cook and of course to play too 🙂 What Read more…

How does a car work?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Can you guess what is the most important thing that is required for a car to work ? FUEL ! Have you ever gone with your parents to a fuel station to fill up Read more…