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Quiz Farm App

Looking for an app where kids are learning and improving their knowledge while having fun ? Welcome to Quiz Farm - a farm where you can feed the animals after answering quiz questions!

Kids can take challenging quizzes in different categories such as reading, science, math etc. After 5 questions are answered correctly, win a ticket to feed a farm animal. Also learn fun facts about different animals while feeding them. An educational game for children in Pre-k to 2nd grade.



-Quiz questions designed to improve analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

-Retry questions that were answered incorrectly.

-Reward based learning where children are encouraged to learn and play.

-Engaging but simple graphics to minimize distractions.

-Read aloud options to help students who are learning to read.

-Fun and interesting animal facts to increase curiosity and teach kids about different animals

-Realistic Animal sound effects.

-Track tickets won and unlock new levels.

-Seven different categories of Quizzes:

  • Animals and Plants
  • General IQ
  • Addition
  • Numbers
  • World around us
  • Word play
  • Reading

-Seven farm animals to feed

  • Rabbits
  • Horse
  • Sheep
  • Duck
  • Dog
  • Pig
  • Cow

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