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The STEM way is a learning and education blog for kids with STEM(Science,Technology,Engineering,Math) Lessons, Experiments, Worksheets and Quizzes for children.

The STEM Way

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Did you know children crave facts! They love to learn. They are always ASKING questions, why?? What?? where??? So many questions- all the time. They love to learn new things and just absorb all knowledge like a sponge!

Build on their curiosity and teach them something new everyday.

Read one article here everyday WITH your child. Explain it to them in your own words and then take the quiz together and ace it ! You will see the results and know that your child is really learning.

To learn more, try the related activities, check out the books from a local library and Don’t forget to post your comments on how you learnt something new today!

The important thing is to read it and learn together. Talking to your child and spending time with them is the #1 to bring up happy and smart children.

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P.S All links to other sites are not sponsored or endorsed in anyway. They are just videos or activities my kids and I found interesting:) ENJOY!