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Category: Math Worksheets

Counting pairs ( Two by Two ) worksheets

Download two(!) simple worksheets  to learn to identify pairs and even numbers. Lots of writing and coloring practice to reinforce concepts.   ACTIVITY: Point and count pairs (two by two).   Ages: 4-5 ACTIVITY: Count and color the boxes two Read more…

Kindergarten Number Brain teasers

  ACTIVITY: Simple questions to make children think !! Try this 4 page worksheet with your child. Ages: 4-5

One more: Tick the group that has one more(1-10)

ACTIVITY: Count the objects. Tick the group that has one more. 2 pages of fun worksheets. Practice from 1 to 10. Ages: 4-5

One more: Count and write

ACTIVITY: Count the objects and write. The Bottom row has one more! Ages: 4-5

22 kindergarten Readiness Worksheets : MATH

We complied a list of basic MATH skills that your child can master before starting kindergarten. For each skill you can find fun worksheets to get practice mastering these skills.   Counting a set of objects using one-to-one correspondence Cut Read more…

Worksheet: Sort objects by size

ACTIVITY: Cut, sort and glue the object from the  smallest to the  biggest Ages: 4-5

Worksheet: Sort objects by shape

ACTIVITY: Circle the right basket according to the shape of the object. Ages: 4-5

Worksheet: Heavy or light

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 3-4 ACTIVITY: Circle the one that is heavy. Color the heavier object red and the lighter object green   EXPERIMENT:

Worksheet: Long or short

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 4-5 ACTIVITY: Tick the one that is longer and color the one that is shorter    

Worksheet: Use words that indicate position.

ACTIVITY: Fill in the blanks using words that indicate position. (“in,” “out,” “next to,” “over,” “under,” “between”,”on”) Ages: 4-5

Worksheet: Greater than and less than

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 5-6 ACTIVITY: Color the ice cream with the bigger number. Draw the greater than/less than” sign in the box. Tip: An easy way to remember the signs is to draw a mouth eating the ice cream with the Read more…

Worksheet: Write numbers – Before, After and In Between

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 4-5 ACTIVITY: 3 page worksheet to practice writing numbers – Before, after and in between.  Develops number sequence, fine motor skills, counting skills, Writing skill