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Category: 3-4 years

3 STEM scavenger hunts

Have fun at home or outdoors with these scavenger hunts for ages 3-7. A fun activity that will keep kids busy and learning. Download all 3 or each individual worksheet below.   Explore, observe and recreate! Simple scavenger hunt (Ages Read more…

Worksheet: Scavenger hunt: Find and draw

Use this worksheet to go on a simple scavenger hunt in the house or outdoors ! Draw pictures of things you find. Ages: 3-4

Worksheet: First steps of Addition

As your child learns to add, one of the best ways to practice addition is by adding ones and twos. Download a fun train worksheet to practice adding ones and twos.   FREE WORKSHEET Activity: A 3 page worksheet to Read more…

Worksheet: Story sequencing worksheet

FREE WORKSHEET Match the picture to the story to finish the sequence Ages: 3-5

Worksheet: Join the dots to build a bridge.

FREE WORKSHEET Join the dots in sequence to build the bridge. Practice number sequence and drawing curved lines. Ages: 3-4

Worsheet: Penguin maze

FREE WORKSHEET Help the mother penguin find her way back to the dad and baby penguin! Ages: 4-6

Life cycle of a butterfly

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Have you seen butterflies fluttering around in the summer? Pretty and colorful, so beautiful to watch. Lets learn a little about the life cycle of a butterfly. STEP 1: EGG A butterfly lays a Read more…

Worksheet: Color the vehicles that need FUEL to run.

FREE WORKSHEET Color only  the vehicles that need fuel to run. Ages: 3-4

How do penguins stay warm?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Did you know penguins are just like people with a normal body temperature of about 100 degrees F. Emperor penguins are one kind of penguins that stay in extremely cold conditions where temperatures go Read more…

Worksheet: Build your own internet

An technology worksheet for kids! Create your own internet by connecting all the computers. FREE WORKSHEET Practice drawing lines and Build your own internet by connecting all the computers Ages: 3-6

Worksheet: What can you eat?

FREE WORKSHEET Follow only the things you can eat to reach home Ages: 3-6

Worksheet: Count and match( life cycle of a butterfly)

FREE DOWNLOAD A Fun life cycle of a butterfly worksheet to count the objects and match them to the correct number.(1 to 5) Ages: 3-5