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What is a virus?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Have you been hearing this word a lot lately? Why are viruses so dangerous ? Let’s find out! What is a virus? A virus a tiny particle that can make us sick when it Read more…

Worksheet: Stay Healthy word search

Learn about viruses and learn new words with this word search for ages 5-7  

3 STEM scavenger hunts

Have fun at home or outdoors with these scavenger hunts for ages 3-7. A fun activity that will keep kids busy and learning. Download all 3 or each individual worksheet below.   Explore, observe and recreate! Simple scavenger hunt (Ages Read more…

Worsksheet: Simple machines scavenger hunt

Use this worksheet to go on a simple machines scavenger hunt in the house or outdoors ! There 6 simple machines are the screw, inclined plane, wedge, lever, pulley, and wheel and axle. Look around the house. Can you find Read more…

Worksheet: STEM scavenger hunt!

Use this worksheet to go on a STEM scavenger hunt in the house or outdoors ! Draw pictures of things you find. Ages: 4-5

Worksheet: Scavenger hunt: Find and draw

Use this worksheet to go on a simple scavenger hunt in the house or outdoors ! Draw pictures of things you find. Ages: 3-4

Worksheet: Bubbles solutions experiment

ACTIVITY:  Make different proportions of Bubble solutions with plain water, detergent, Glycerin, Sugar and lemon. Try to blow bubbles and check how many seconds the bubbles last. Record your observations ! Learn more about bubbles here Ages: 4-6

Worksheet:Learn to spell colors

A fun way to learn the spellings of color names. Download this 5 worksheets set to practice reading and writing color names. Ages: 5-6             Click here to download full set of all 5 worksheets: Read more…

Worksheet: Fill in the missing letter – beginning sound

ACTIVITY: Fill the missing letter. Look at the picture for clues! Great for pre-K and kindergarten children to practice their phonics as well as writing skills. The worksheet has 5 pages with 30 words. 6 words for each vowel (a,e,i,o,u) Read more…

Counting pairs ( Two by Two ) worksheets

Download two(!) simple worksheets  to learn to identify pairs and even numbers. Lots of writing and coloring practice to reinforce concepts.   ACTIVITY: Point and count pairs (two by two).   Ages: 4-5 ACTIVITY: Count and color the boxes two Read more…

Kindergarten Number Brain teasers

  ACTIVITY: Simple questions to make children think !! Try this 4 page worksheet with your child. Ages: 4-5

One more: Tick the group that has one more(1-10)

ACTIVITY: Count the objects. Tick the group that has one more. 2 pages of fun worksheets. Practice from 1 to 10. Ages: 4-5