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The STEM Way

10 Interesting invention stories!

  Potato Chips Inventor: George Crum George Crum was a chef at a hotel. One day a customer ordered fried potatoes and then complained that they were too thick! Crum was upset because of this and he decided to make the Read more…

Worksheet: Heavy or light

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 3-4 ACTIVITY: Circle the one that is heavy. Color the heavier object red and the lighter object green   EXPERIMENT:

Worksheet: Long or short

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 4-5 ACTIVITY: Tick the one that is longer and color the one that is shorter    

Worksheet: Use words that indicate position.

ACTIVITY: Fill in the blanks using words that indicate position. (“in,” “out,” “next to,” “over,” “under,” “between”,”on”) Ages: 4-5

Why do Astronauts wear spacesuits?

Already know why Astronauts wear spacesuits? Take the QUIZ! Have you seen pictures of Astronauts ? Astronauts are trained to go into outer space. They usually wear a special bulky suit called a spacesuit.  Why do they need to wear this Read more…

Worksheet: Greater than and less than

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 5-6 ACTIVITY: Color the ice cream with the bigger number. Draw the greater than/less than” sign in the box. Tip: An easy way to remember the signs is to draw a mouth eating the ice cream with the Read more…

Worksheet: Write numbers – Before, After and In Between

FREE DOWNLOAD Ages: 4-5 ACTIVITY: 3 page worksheet to practice writing numbers – Before, after and in between.  Develops number sequence, fine motor skills, counting skills, Writing skill    

How is paper recycled?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! We use a lot of paper everyday . Cereal boxes, to coloring books, story books to puzzles, your homework to even toilet paper is made of paper. Can you name some thing that is Read more…

Worksheet: Count the corners

ACTIVITY: Count the corners and write the number in the space provided. Ages: 3-4

What are living and non living things?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ!   Look around you. Everything that you see can either be classified as a living thing or as a non living thing. People, animals, plants, even germs are living things. Rocks, furniture, Books, toys Read more…

Why do you get dizzy?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! Do you like to spin round and round in circles for fun? But have you ever wondered why you feel like every thing around you is still moving even after you have stopped spinning? Read more…

What language does a computer use?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ! What language does a computer use? Computers have language of their own. It is called Binary language. It’s a very simple language with just 2 symbols – 0 and 1. A computer stores all Read more…