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How are bubbles formed?

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What is a bubble?

In simple words Bubbles are formed when air gets trapped inside a liquid.

You can make bubbles anywhere, when you blow air with your straw into your milk you get bubbles, when you blow air out of your mouth underwater in a swimming pool, or even with soap water.













Why do some bubbles last longer than others?

Have you ever run out of bubble solution and tries to make bubbles with plain water only to have them burst within seconds? Why do bubble solutions give long lasting bubbles?

Answer: Surface tension

What is surface tension?

Surface tension is the “Strength of the surface”.  How STRONGLY do molecules of that surface PULL each other

Lets consider water- All the molecules of water are super attracted to one other. They pull each other very strongly.

This is a reason why water droplets are always round- because all the molecules are pulling each other and trying to be close to one another . 


Because of this high surface tension the air inside water bubble doesn’t last, the water molecules pull together and the bubble bursts.

How does soap change the surface tension?

Adding soap reduces the surface tension of water and the bubbles are bigger and last longer! The soap makes the bubble strong enough to hold the air inside it. It still maintains it’s spherical shape because the water molecules continue to attract to one another .


How are bubbles formed?



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