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What are Time zones? | The STEM Way

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What are Time zones?

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Have you ever taken a vacation oversees in a place far away from home? When you return you may have noticed that you have something called jet lag. You feel sleepy during the day and awake at night!


Why is time different is different countries?

The earth is round like a ball  and different countries are on different sides of the earth. As the earth goes around the sun, it also rotates on its own axis.  Look at the image below.



Because of this rotation, different parts of the earth have different amounts of sunshine at different times. you can see how part of the earth is lit up and part of it is dark.

The sun rises at different times and sets at different times. In olden times this was very confusing to people who traveled to different countries. But now people have a mechanism to handle time changes using time zones.

What are time zones?

Time zones are areas on the earth that have the same amount of sun at a given time.

Imagine the earth with imaginary lines drawn from the north pole to the south pole. These lines are called meridians.

The lines divide the earth into areas called time zones.


The earth has 24 time zones.

The starting point of time zones is called the Prime meridian. It runs through Greenwich, England.

The east of the prime meridian is ahead in time with respect to the prime meridian and the west is behind in time. There is a difference of about one hour as you move from one time zone to the next



This is why time is different in different countries. When you wake up in Seattle, USA at 7:00 am, kids in Hyderabad India are finishing up dinner and getting ready to go to bed at 8:30 pm !

Image of the world divided into time zones.:kids.kiddle







Why is time different in different countries?



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