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Why do Astronauts wear spacesuits?

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Astronauts are trained to go into outer space. They usually wear a special bulky suit called a spacesuit.  Why do they need to wear this suit?

If Astronauts need to survive in space, they have to wear a spacesuit.

Spacesuits help Astronauts work in space.

Astronauts conduct different experiments in space to understand how things behave differently in space. They can repair satellites, test new devices etc. Spacesuits keep them safe when they go out from the space station into space.

Spacesuits keep the astronaut connected to the space station using safety tethers( ropes)

The spacesuits have a rocket powered backpack that allows them to fly and move around in space.

It has headphones and speakers to help the astronaut communicate with their co workers inside the space station.

astronaut, astronomy, cosmonaut

There is no Air is space.

Astronauts have oxygen tanks attached to their spacesuits that allow them to breathe normally. It gives astronauts clean oxygen and takes away carbon dioxide.

Since there is no air in space, Spacesuits are filled with air to pressurize and support the astronaut. This is why it looks puffed up.

This picture shows an american astronaut in his space and extravehicular activity suite working outside of a spacecraft. In the background parts of a space shuttle are visible. In the far background of the picture planet earth with it's blue color and white clouds is shown as well as a patch of black space.

Space is sometimes very hot and sometimes very cold!

The air that surrounds the earth protects us from heat of the sun during the day. When the sun sets it also acts as a blanket to keep the earth warm at night without getting too cold.

Since there is no air in space to protect astronauts from the sun’s heat or the cold, space is either TOO HOT or TOO COLD.

The spacesuit has air conditioning to keep them cool and heating to keep them warm.


FUN FACT: Did you know astronauts wear diapers in their spacesuits? Sometimes they have to stay in their spacesuits for a really long time, for example during liftoff, while returning to Earth, and when they go out of the space station for spacewalks.

But they don’t call it “diapers” . They are called Maximum Absorbency Garment, or MAG.

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