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How is paper recycled?

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We use a lot of paper everyday . Cereal boxes, to coloring books, story books to puzzles, your homework to even toilet paper is made of paper. Can you name some thing that is made of paper?

Why Should we recycle Paper?

Did you know that most of the paper we use today are made from trees?

Trees are cut down and chopped up and made into a pulp to make paper. Trees are very precious to us! We need to do everything that we can to reduce the number of trees being cut down.

How can we stop wasting paper?

There are 3 ways we can prevent wasting paper

  1. Reduce
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle

First Reduce the amount of paper that you use. Write on both sides of the pages in your notebook. Don’t roll out the tissue paper roll just for fun!

Second reuse paper! Use old newspapers to wrap breakable items. Try making fun and useful crafts from egg cartons and toilet paper rolls!

As rocky from paw patrol says don’t lose it reuse it !

When you are sure you have done everything to reduce and reuse the paper then recycle it.

What does recycle mean?

To Recycle means to process waste to make something new that can be used again. When we recycle paper, it reduces the amount of natural resources that are used to make new products! This means less trees will be chopped to make new paper.

How paper is recycled?

Recycled paper is made into pulp and this pulp is made into paper again! 

  1. The paper that we put into recycling bins are collected by a truck and taken to the recycling factory.



2.In the recycling plant different kinds of papers are sorted before processing them.


3. The paper is then cut up, washed and made into pulp. It is filtered and cleaned to remove pollutants like ink, paper clips etc.



4. The pulp is sprayed onto large sheets and rolled on heated rollers to make them thin and remove excess water.



5. The paper is dried and rolled, ready for distribution.



Watch this video to full understand the paper recycling process.

Experiment to make recycled paper at home!

You will find a detailed explanation with steps and pictures if you would like to try to make recycled paper at home!  See more here at mommy labs.


More than 1 billion trees are cut down every year to make disposable diapers! 


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