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How does a camel live in a desert?

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Do you know what a desert is? A desert is place that is very very dry.

If you have ever seen pictures of a desert- the first thing you think about is SAND! Miles and miles of dry,hot sand.

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Water and food are extremely scarce in a desert. Deserts are very hot during the day and cold at night

It is very difficult to live in a desert. Only animals and plants that do not need much water to survive can live in deserts.

The camel is one such animal. The most important reason a camel can is survive is it can go without food and water for many days.


Camels store FAT In their humps. When they need energy the hump converts the fat into energy!

Image result for camel hump

They retain WATER in their kidneys and intestines.


DID YOU KNOW: Camels can survive without water for 1 week and for 6 months without food. 

When a camel is thirsty it drinks a lot of water too. Camels can drink 30 gallons (113 liters) of water in just 13 minutes!!

Do you want to know how much a gallon is? You probably buy milk in gallons or half gallons. Imagine thirty 1 gallon cans of water ! in just 13 mins !



A camel’s feet are wide and padded. It helps them walk on sand easily without sinking into it .


Image result for camel feet


It is because of this Camels have long been used a a mode of transport to travel in the desert! Camels are called Ships of the desert.

Human Riding Camel on Dessert Under White Sky during Daytime


A Camel’s coat protects it both when it is very hot during the day and very cold during the night! How does it do that?

A camel has thick hair on it’s back that protects it’s skin from the sun and keeps it warm in the cold and it has thin hair on it’s belly  to help heat escape when it gets too hot.

.Image result for camel


How many eyelids do you have? TWO right. One up and one down.

A Camel has 3 eyelids! One up , one down and one sideways!

The third eyelid is a thin clear eyelid that keeps sand out while still allowing them to see.

Close Up Photo of Camel

A Camel can close it’s nostrils to keep the sand out.

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Camels are not very picky about what they eat. Their lips are thick but flexible and can break off and eat thorny plants found in the desert.


DID YOU KNOW: Big humps means healthy camels. When a camel is weak it’s hump will be small and floppy


Look at this camel. One hump is empty and drooping and and other hump still has some fat left !

Image result for camel hump small


How well do you know Camels?



Ages: 4-5

ACTIVITY: Make a camel number caravan by writing(or glue) numbers in order from 1 to 20 .

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