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How do Rockets fly?

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Have you ever been in an airplane ? Airplanes help us travel far distances on the earth.

Rockets, on the other hand can take us to space !

How do these rockets fly so high?

First we need to understand a simple law- Newton’s third law says

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

What does this mean ?

Blow a balloon and let it go, You will see that the air goes out in one direction and the Balloon moves in the other direction.

It zooms around the room while air comes out of the back.

Why does it do that ? 

The air inside the balloon fills the balloon and pushes the balloon from all sides.

When we open one side and let the balloon go, the air rushes out of the open end creating a force in that direction.

So there is an equal force in the opposite direction. This makes the balloon move in that direction.


A rocket also works in the same way

As the Fuel  burns in the fuel tank, it releases gases from the bottom of the Rocket at a very high speed.

This creates a force in the downward direction because of which there also a force in the opposite direction – UPWARDS. This pushes the rocket up !


How is a rocket different from an airplane ?

Since an airplane stays in the earths atmosphere it uses oxygen from the air to burn it’s fuel.

A rocket leaves the earth’s atmosphere so it has to carry oxygen to burn it’s fuel !

That is why rockets are so big !

Jet engines have two openings (an intake and an exhaust). Rocket engines only have one opening (an exhaust).


Ages: 5-6

ACTIVITY: A 2-page rocket addition worksheet!

A Rocket has equal and opposite force in both directions. Can you fill the correct number in the space to make both sides of the equation equal.


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