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Internet Part 1: What is the Internet?

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Do you love playing games and watching videos on your parent’s computers or phones? How are you able to see so many games, apps, videos and websites from them?

Are they all are stored in your computer? Lets find out!

We are able to access all these resources because of something called the INTERNET.

We can use the internet for so many things! Playing games, having video calls with people far away in differnt countries, sending emails, texting, ordering food online, shopping online, the list is endless!

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What is the Internet?

The Internet is a big collection of computers connected to one another.


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All these computers talk to each other and send information to each other. You can share information and get information from anyone else using the internet.

When you are watching a video on the internet, what is happening is -you are requesting another computer to send this video to you and when it send it to you, you are able to see it.

How can we understand this?

Lets us compare it with a city. Do you have a friend who lives close by? How do you go to their house? You can go to their house by road. Your house is connected to their house by a ROAD.

Or What if your grandma wants to send you a package, She does not have to come to your house to deliver it. She can send it to a post office who then delivers it to your house in the mail van, via the road that connects to your house.

Aerial Photo of Buildings and Roads

How does this package find your house?

Yes your address! Your house has a unique address that the mailman uses to deliver your package.

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Similarly your computer is connected to a city of computers. Each computer has a unique address and send and receive information and data to each other using these addresses.

This network of computers is called the Intenet!

To Understand how these computers communicate with each other see Internet Part 2: How does the Internet work?



Activity: Practice drawing lines and Build your own internet by connecting all the computers

Ages: 3-6


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