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Life cycle of a butterfly

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Have you seen butterflies fluttering around in the summer? Pretty and colorful, so beautiful to watch.

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Lets learn a little about the life cycle of a butterfly.


A butterfly lays a eggs on a leaf. The eggs are small and round. At first the eggs are yellow and they slowly turn brown.

Learn about the Butterfly Life Cycle, about the Monarch's life, see Pictures and find Links to more articles.


After about 5 days, a caterpillar hatches from the egg! It is black when it hatches.

The caterpillar is very hungry and it eats all the time. It eats the leaves on which it hatches.  They eat leaves and flowers till they become bigger and bigger.

Black Yellow and White Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar

As they grow bigger their skin keeps falling off and they get new skin and it changes from black to green.


When the caterpillar is fully grown it hangs upside down and wraps itself in a cocoon, like a blanket.

Fun article explains the Butterfly Life Cycle, has LOTS of life cycle images and a coloring page too!

The cocoon is called a pupa.  The pupa is green.


The caterpillar starts changing inside the pupa. It slowly transforms into a butterfly!

After some days a beautiful butterfly comes out!!

Butterfly Life Cycle: Article with Lots of Pictures

At first the butterfly is small and tired. It flaps it’s wings to exercise them and learns to fly. Soon it is ready to fly!

FUN FACT: Depending on the type of butterfly, the life cycle of a butterfly takes anywhere from one month to a one year.


Activity: Count the objects and match them to the correct number.(1 to 5)

Ages: 3-5


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Test your knowledge on the Butterfly life cycle!


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