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How do we taste?

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Your Senses help you understand the world you live in.

You observe the world with five senses –

  • sight (your eyes)
  • smell (your nose)
  • taste (your tongue)
  • hearing (your ears)
  • touch (your skin)


Today we will learn about our sense of taste.

What is your favorite food to eat? Why do you like it so much?

My favorite thing to eat is ice cream!  I love it because it is sweet and soft.

Vanila Sundae With Choco on Top


My least favorite food is brussel sprouts! it is very healthy but it is so bitter!!!

What about you? What is your least favorite food?


How do we decide if we like or dislike a particular food?

We decide based on the taste of the food!

“Taste” is how we feel about the flavor of the food we are eating. Our tongue helps us taste the food we are eating.

The taste of the food is very important because it also helps us decide if the food is good or gone bad ! Spoilt food tastes really bad and our body rejects it if we try to eat it.


Image result for tongue and taste buds


Stick your tongue out and look at it.It is covered with tiny bumps.  These bumps are called taste buds.


The taste buds sends messages to your brain to tell you the taste of the food.

The taste buds are actually microscopic (super tiny)  hair (YES HAIR!!) that send messages to the brain about how something tastes,.

Taste is actually a combination of different sensations. The Smell, temperature, texture,color of the food contributes to how we taste the food.

For example when you have a bad cold, even delicious food seems tasteless.


Taste buds can identify 4 different tastes- salty, sweet, sour, bitter


Cheese,Potato chips, french fries, bacon are salty


Honey,Candy, ice cream, cakes, cookies are sweet


lemons,tomatoes,buttermilk are sour


unsweetened cocoa, Brussels sprouts, dark green veggies, coffee,bitter gourd,  are bitter




You have  around 10,000 taste buds and they’re replaced every 2 weeks or so!




Activity: Practice drawing lines and Follow only the things you can eat to reach home

Ages: 3-6


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