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How are Cartoons made?

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Do you love watching cartoons? I’m sure you do and you probably have a favorite cartoon or movie character. Our favorite is Paw Patrol !

How are these cartoons made? Are they real people? Well, Actually they are images drawn by someone.

An animator is someone who draws animations or cartoons.

An Animation or a video is actually a set of photos played one after another at a very fast speed.

For example if i need to make an animation of a car going on the road, i would have to draw images of the car in different points of the road and move from one image to another very fast and it will seem like the car is moving on the road.

Look at these images of a car that I drew. Notice how in each picture the car is in a different point on the road.


Now If i play them one after another it will seem like the car is moving.

Lets learn more about how these animations are made.

A story is written.

Every cartoon starts with an idea. A story! The team that creates the cartoon comes up with the characters, what each character does, their personlity , their likes dislikes and so on. They create a charator that kids can relate with. Once they have the characters they make the plot of the story. They have to make it interesting to keep the audience watching it till the end!

Actors record their voices

Real people read the dialogue between the characters .They record their voices saying the things that the characters in the story will be saying.

Image result for cartoon voice recording

Animators draw the pictures of what is happening in the story.

Once the animators have the sound they start drawing the images that go with the sound.

Image result for animator artist

They draw only the important moments in the scene. For example if they have to draw a boy pointing at something. The first image will be a boy standing with both his hands down. The 2nd one will be with his hand halfway up and the last one will be his hand pointing to the object.

The animators also add color and backgrounds to make the cartoon realistic.

Image result for animator artist

These drawings are loaded into a computer program which generates the in between images for continuity and generates the movie.


Animators look at the full movie and make edits if something does not look good.

Image result for animator program

For example if some movement generated by the computer is not smooth, they draw more key images to make the movement smooth.



Activity: Match the picture to the story to finish the sequence


Ages: 3-5


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How are Cartoons made?



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