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How does water come to our homes?

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Water ! Fun refreshing and cool. We use it for almost everything we do. Washing our clothes, washing our hands, drinking, in the bathroom, to cook and of course to play too 🙂

What do you do when you want some water ? Turn on the tap and fill up your glass !

But how did this water come to your tap ?

Your tap is connected to a set of pipes that bring water from a main water source in your town or city.


First water from natural resources likes lakes, rivers, underground water are collected and treated to make it clean.

Every town or city has a main water source.

Water is stored in facilities such as reservoirs, water tanks, or water towers around the city to distribute water to different areas.

Pipes are laid underground from this water source to carry this water to different parts of the city.


Pressure pumps are installed to push the water through the pipes to your house.

This clean water travels through the pipes to your house !

When a house is built, water pipes are connected from the house to the main city line.

There are 2 sets of pipes.

One set that brings cold water directly from the main city line and the other set and takes water to a water heater and then supplies hot water to all parts of the house.

There are another set of pipes connected to the drains to take away used and dirty water from your house back to treatment plants and back into nature.

Who does all this ?

A plumber is someone who fixes or puts in piping systems and other plumbing equipment such as water heaters.

Plumbing comes from the Latin word plumbum, which means lead, as pipes were once made from lead)

Plumbing is the job of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and getting rid of waste.



Activity: Practice additon by adding the numbers in the pipe and write the answer that comes from the tap!

Ages: 5-6


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Do you know how the water comes to your house?



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