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Why do Leaves change color in Autumn?

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What color are leaves? GREEN! Yes leaves are usually green but during Autumn season Leaves turn into different colors – orange, yellow, brown making the whole landscape around us so beautiful.

Red Leaf Trees Near the Road

Autumn is one of my favorite seasons and I always wondered Why leaves change color and fall down in Autumn.

Leaves look green because they have a lots of a special green pigment called chlorophyll.

They also have orange yellow pigments in them but we can’t see it because they have so much of green pigment ( Chlorophyll).

Green Leaf Plant

Leaves use chlorophyll to make food for the plants! They are like the kitchens of the trees where the food is made. Can you guess what the main ingredient of their food is? It’s SUNLIGHT!

bright, day, environment

Leaves use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into food.

In the summer they gets lots of sunlight and lots of food. But as Autumn comes as it gets colder and colder the days are shorter. Where we stay it gets dark by 4 pm !  So they don’t have that much sun and they stop making food.

The green pigment is not used anymore and it breaks down. This is when we can see the other colors of the leaves! Orange, yellow, red and even purple.

So the leaves are actually not changing colors they are just showing their other colors.

Orange Maple Tree during Daytime

Watch this informative video on why leaves change color.


Do you know why leaves change color in Autumn?



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