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What do fish eat ?

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Different types of fish eat different types of food.
Some fish eat only plants. They may feed on algae or other plants that grow in the water. These fish are called herbivores.

Some fish eat worms,.shrimps,crabs,squid and even other fish that are smaller than them. These fish like sharks,dolphins,eel are called carnivores.

Some fish eat both plants and small fish. These are omnivorous.

If you have a pet fish you may be wondering -what’s in that fish food?  The type of fish you have will determine what you need to feed it !Most granules are vegetable matter, raw potatoes, beans, peas, zucchini, shrimp etc.

Watch this interesting and funny  experiment to see what fish will really eat.


Goldfish don’t have stomachs ! Their food is digested in their intestines.


What do fish eat?



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