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Why does the sun rise and set?

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Did u know that the sun actually doesn’t move ?

It is a big ball of fire hanging in space.

Our earth which is also like a big ball. It revolves or travels around the sun

Apart from revolving around the Sun it also spins on it own axis because of which it looks like the sun is rising and setting.

What does spin or rotate mean ? Have you ever spinned round and round till you got dizzy ? That is what the earth does but because we are so small and the earth is so big we don’t feel the movement of the earth!

Imagine your best friend standing in the middle of the room as you spin round and round. When you turn towards them you can see them and when you turn around you can’t !

Because the earth is rotating all parts  of the earth don’t face the sun at the same time.

The part that is facing the sun  gets the light and heat from the sun and has day. The opposite side has night

Can you spin and walk around your friend at the same time ?

Try it !

That is what the earth is doing. The sun is like your friend -stationary and in the middle. The earth is like you. As the earth turns towards the sun , the light from the sun slowly reaches the earth and it appears to us little people on the earth that the sun is rising !

The earth slowly turns towards the sun and we see more and more of the sun as the day progresses.  And then we start to turn away and the sun appears to set !

Now the other face of the earth  is facing the sun and having a beautiful day while we face away from the sun and have a good night’s sleep.


Do you know why we have day and night?



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