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  • Before Kindergarten your child should:
  • Understand up and down.
  • Understand in and out.
  • Understand front and behind.
  • Understand over (on),under and next to
  • Understand top, bottom, middle.
  • Understand hot and cold.
  • Understand fast and slow.

We are going to learn this with the below airplane.

Understand up and down: The airplane is UP and the car is DOWN

Understand in and out: The Yellow shirt men are IN the car, the red shirt man is OUT of the car.

Understand front and behind: Whatever you can see is in FRONT of you. The car is in FRONT of the dog and the tree is BEHIND the dog

Understand over (on) , under and next to: The aeroplane is OVER the cloud. The cloud is UNDER the aeroplane, the bird is NEXT TO the cloud.

Understand top, bottom, middle. You wear your hat on TOP, dress in the MIDDLE and shoes on the BOTTOM.

Understand hot and cold.Tea is HOT, Ice cream is COLD

Understand fast and slow. A Snail is SLOW, a racing car is FAST.


Test your knowledge on position and direction


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