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How does it rain ?

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Rain is nothing but water! Water changing it’s form when the temperature changes causes rain, hail, sleet, snow etc

Words to learn

TEMPERATURE: how hot or cold something is.

EVAPORATE: Water turns into water vapor when it’s HOT

CONDENSE:Water vapor turns back into Water when it’s COLD.

Water changes it’s form when it’s temperature changes. What happens When we put water in the freezer? it slowly slowly becomes hard and turns into ice? When water is really really cold it becomes ice.

Similarly when water becomes hot it turns into water vapor. For example when you boil water you can see it becomes steam !

When it is summer and it’s hot outside, water from the rivers and the streams evaporate and become water vapor. This water vapor goes up into the sky. Since it’s cold up there it condenses back into tiny water droplets. All those water droplets join together to form clouds!

When the cloud becomes full with water and heavy, it falls down ( because of gravity) as RAIN!

if it’s really really cold, the water in the clouds becomes Ice and falls as Hail or best of all – as SNOW!

Watch a simple video explaining this here. 



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