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How does a digital camera work?

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What are digital cameras?

A Digital Camera is a device that captures an image and saves it in a device in an electronic form.


Shallow Focus Photo of Dslr Camera on Brown Wooden Table


How does the camera capture the image?

A camera has something called a shutter which are like your eyelids. The shutter of the camera blinks like our eyelids do. It opens and shuts to allow in light when needed, Can you blink your eyes and pretend to take pictures with your eyes? When it opens light goes in and when you close them it is dark!


Extreme Close-up of Woman Eye

Similarly When we click to take the picture the shutter opens for a fraction of a second and allows light in to the camera through a lens.


How does the camera save the image?


Light goes into the lens and hits a sensor.


Image result for digital image sensor


The sensor is a light sensitive surface. It is divided into millions of tiny squares called pixels.


Image result for image in pixels


When the light from the lens falls on it each square of the sensor, it measures the color and brightness of each pixel and stores it as a number.


TRY THIS: Open any image in Paint and Zoom into the image and you will see the boxes of color that join together to make an image.


The whole image is stored in number format in the memory of the phone or the computer and can be retrieved at any time.

Image result for digital image sensor

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