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How does a car work?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ!

Can you guess what is the most important thing that is required for a car to work ?


Have you ever gone with your parents to a fuel station to fill up the car? Yes, a car needs fuel usually petroleum to run.

What does it do with this fuel ?

STEP 1:  When we start the car a small spark is produced to light the fuel and burn it. 

Look at the picture below can you find the spark which is causing a small explosion?

STEP 2: The  energy produced by burning the fuel pushes something called PISTONS up and DOWN.

When fuel is heated and burnt it gives energy.   Just like if you burn wood or paper you can feel the heat. Similarly the heat energy produced when a car’s fuel ‘s burnt the energy produced is used to push the pistons.

Can you find the piston in the picture below?


STEP 3: The up and down movement of the pistons is converted to circular motion of the wheels.

The wheels turn and the car moves.

The steering wheel is used to direct the car and the brakes are used to stop the wheels.



Activity:  A car needs fuel to run! Color only  the vehicles that need fuel to run.

Ages: 3-4


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Simple video about how a car engine works.

Simple explanation and video of how a car engine works.

Don’t be satisfied with just watching your child play with cars. Encourage him/her to understand those little engines better through this picture book. Here, we will be detailing even the tiniest parts of the car engine and how each part works with the rest. This will surely be an exciting book to read. Go ahead and grab a copy now.

 Kids’ passion for cars has always run fast and furious, and this interactive book and kit gives enthusiastic gearheads the opportunity to build the essential parts of a car easily and independently.

So you like cars but do you know how they work? Can you tell us what engines are and why they work the way they do? If you can’t, don’t worry, you’ll know the answer in a matter of minutes! This educational resource is composed of valuable information that little learners like you can easily understand and remember. Grab a copy today!


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