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How do batteries work?

Already know this? Take the QUIZ!

What kind of toys are you most fascinated with? Most definitely battery operated toys!

Toys that make funny noise, that move, shake, toys with lots of buttons when you are younger and then as you grow up – remote operated cars, trucks, helicopters , to phones, tablets and so on.

What makes all these toys move, make noises and so on?

The answer is Batteries!

Lets learn more about how batteries work.

Batteries store energy in them that can be used whenever we need it. How is this energy stored? This energy is stored in the form of very excited particles called electrons.

If you look at any battery, Look at the 2 sides. you’ll notice that one side is marked (+), or positive, while the other is marked (-), or negative.

The negative side has the excited particles called electrons that want to go to the positive side of the battery!

However, there’s a chemical paste in the middle which stops them from directly going to the other side.

If you connect a wire, which acts like a bridge from the positive to the negative end and the electrons will race across. Once all the electrons have gone across the battery will lose it’s power.

if you connect a battery to a toy, the remote car or truck acts like a wire-  like a bridge – the electrons use it to go to other side, powering the car with electricity it on their way.

But when there are no more electrons in the (-) side and they have all gone to the other side, the batteries are dead. They don’t have any more “electricity” in them.

Some batteries can be recharged by reconnecting it to a power source and moving the electrons back to the (-) negative side.



What do know about batteries?




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