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Before,between and after (1-10)

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Understanding order of numbers is an important skill in Math. Do you have siblings? who do you think came before and who came after?

Have you ever stood at a checkout counter? There are some people waiting before you and some  after you.  Look at the below picture, they are all waiting for their turn.

Everywhere there is order. Numbers also follow an order. we start with 1, 2 comes after that then 3 and so on.

Look at the numbers above. Consider the number 2

What do you think comes before 2? Yes – 1

What do you think comes after 2? – yes 3

Try with different numbers in the quiz below!


Activity: Practice before and after with this 2-page fun egg basket. Color the egg with the correct number.

Ages: 3-4


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Before and After Numbers(1-10)


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